[Official] SM Artist 2014 Season Greeting : EXO


[Official] SM Artist 2014 Season Greeting : EXO <Calendar + Scheduler + Making DVD>


20th November 2013 [subject to changes]

Estimated Delivery

Mid of December 2013

Price – deposit only:

1 set : RM100

[full price estimated to be RM138 if the calendar set is 1kg ; RM143 if the calendar set is 1.5kg per set (non-profit group order) ; based on 4th November 2013 currency]
note : not sure for the weight yet.
[Final price depends on the number of order received and the currency flow.]

[Balance need to be paid after we had calculate all the ems fees etc, once the goods arrived.]

Please understand, Thank you!!! =)

[Deposit is not refundable once the payment is done.]

Ordering and Payment Details

Kindly send in your orders to dazzler.exostore@hotmail.com after you made your payment together with the payment receipt or print screen (for bank transfer).

Please make sure your mail is in the right format as it is easier for me to collate, thank you!!!

Format of order form
Email Subject: [Official] SM Artist 2014 Season Greeting : EXO <Calendar + Scheduler + Making DVD>
Contact number:
Twitter or Facebook account:
Deposit Method: bank in/ transfer/ paypal


【Payment needs to be in before the deadline, orders made after the dateline will place into the following batch.】

【All orders without payment will be cancelled.】

【I will reply your e-mail within 24 hours once the payment had been confirmed. Kindly remind me thru twitter、facebook if I did not reply you within 24 hours.】

Please direct all questions and order form to dazzler.exostore@hotmail.com. You can reach me at twitter @dazzlerexogoods  or facebook @dazzler exo goods as well.


24 thoughts on “[Official] SM Artist 2014 Season Greeting : EXO

  1. So it means we just have to pay the deposit rm100 first or pay rm165? And can i still place order after the deadline date? Thank you and please reply me asap. 🙂

  2. so tempted to buy but kinda broke right now. what perfect timing. hope people will order lots from you since your service is very good 🙂

  3. Hi. This is dkyngs@gmail.com. I’d like to inform you that I’ve banked in the RM100 deposit for my second set of EXO’s season greeting, but could not upload the proof as the line here is very very slow. I’ll upload and email you the proof this Friday. I hope that’s okay. Thanks. (:

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